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A.N.P. mix cassettes (hip hop / dancehall / remix) 150+


A.N.P. #40 first MIX CD (40 copies only)


Reggae Dancehall Mix CD aka "the monkey cd"

Reggae Mix 97 (Yellow / Blue CD)


Simma Simma 98 Dancehall Reggae Mix (Black / Purple CD)

Reggae Dancehall Mix CD aka "showtime mix"

Jah Kingdom Mix CD


Unity Gold 1999 Mix CD (Shaolin Monk)

Blessed Mix CD

Want You Back Mix CD

Run The City Mix CD

Reggae Orgasm Pt1 and Pt2 CD


Reggae Like Dirt - Dancehall Mix CD

Unity Gold 2000 - Another Level Mix CD

Voices of Jah Mix CD (2cd)

Negus Negast Culture Mix CD

Bootleg v.1 Mix CD

Victimized - Bootleg v.2 Mix CD

Miles Ahead A Dem Mix CD

Gun Speech Mix CD

Truth Ago Hurt Dancehall Mix CD

Y2k Millenium Bug Hip Hop / Dancehall Mix CD


Unity Gold 2001 Mix CD

Original Techniques (bun a PC) Mix CD

Rock Away Mix CD

Rastaman Taking Over Mix CD

Born Fi Dis Mix CD

Love & Happiness Mix CD

By His Deeds Mix CD

What A Joy Mix CD

Love Mix CD

Conscious Love Mix CD

The Fiesta Dancehall Mix CD

Ghetto Crown Kings - Bootleg v.3 Mix CD


Unity Gold 2002 Mix CD

Danger Zone Mix CD

Rastafari 4 Life Mix CD

The Trod Mix CD

The Future Is Now Mix CD

Masterpiece Mix CD

Words of the Wise Mix CD

Togetherness Mix CD

Fever old skool Mix CD

Rasta Love Mix CD

Pon Di Corner Mix CD


Unity Gold 2003 Mix CD part one

Unity Gold 2003 Mix CD part two

Dutty South (hip hop reggae rmx) V1 Mix CD

Special Deivery Mix CD

World Leaders Mix CD

Unity Sound longside Farineits Creation Mix CD (2cd)

Irresistable Mix CD

Love The Life You Live Mix CD

Teach Dem Mix CD

Summer Scorcher Mix CD

The Jump Off Mix CD


Unity Gold 2004 Mix CD

Strength Of A Lion Mix CD feat Chrisinti

Dutty South part 2 (hip hop reggae rmx) Mix CD

City Of Jah Mix CD

We Want Fi Know Mix CD (2cd)

Summer Breeze Mix CD

Free The People Mix CD

Stand Firm Mix CD

Empty Barrels Mix CD

Gone Clear Dancehall Mix CD


Unity Gold 2005 Mix CD

Conscious Love 2005 Mix CD

Don't Kill The Cat Mix CD

Safe n Secure Mix CD (internet only)

Univeral Love Mix CD (internet only)

It's Time For Love Mix CD

It Ago Terrible Mix CD

Free the People Mix CD

Red Gold & Green Mix CD

Protection Mix CD

Spring aka Haru Mix CD (2cd)

Move Mix CD

Hip Hop 2005 Mix CD


Unity Gold 2006 Mix CD part one

Unity Gold 2006 Mix CD part two


Catch A Forward Mix CD

Natural Woman Mix CD


Unity Gold 2007 Mix CD (2cd)

Leaders of the New School ALL DUBPLATE Mix CD (2cd)

Bootleg v.1 - Culture Mix CD

Bootleg v.2 - Dancehall Mix CD feat Edley Shine

Bootleg v.3 - Culture Lovers Mix CD

Sadiki the Sound Killachi (sound killing tunes)


Unity Gold 2008 Mix CD feat Konshens

Bootleg v.4 - Hardcore Dancehall Mix CD

Bootleg v.5 - Strictly Roots Mix CD

Bootleg v.6 - Summer Dancehall Mix CD

Bootleg v.7 - Summer Culture Lovers Mix CD

Bootleg v.8 - Hip Hop Reggae Mix CD

Bootleg v.9 - Fall Dancehall Mix CD

Bootleg v.9.5 - Winter Dancehall Mix CD


Bootleg v.10 - Winter Lovers Mix CD

Unity Gold 2009 Mix CD

Bootleg v.11 - Badman Mix CD

Bootleg v.12 - Soca Mix CD

Bootleg v.13 - A New Chapter Culture Mix CD

Bootleg v.14 - Forward we a Go hosted by G Whizz

Bootleg v.15 - Lock it Down hosted by Esco


Bootleg v.16 - Rockin di Vibez hosted by Ziggi & Maikal X

Bootleg v.17 - Wicked Fresh Dancehall Mix

Bootleg v.18 - Lovers Mix Hosted by Sadiki

Bootleg v.19 - Summer Never Ends Dancehall Mix CD

Unity Gold 2010-2011 Mix CD

Gappy Ranks - The Mix CD by Unity Sound


Rockers Usen Radio Mix 2011

Bootleg v.20 - Ghetto State of Mind Culture Mix CD

Bootleg v.21 - Summer Memories Dancehall Mix CD

Bootleg v.22 - Dancehall Mix CD

Bootleg v.23 - Let It Play Lovers Mix CD

T'Nez & Friends online Mix

Free Love online Mix


Royal Warriors Series 1 Culture Mix (online)​

Dancehall Mood Series 1 Dancehall Mix (online)​

Mama (Online) Mix 2012

Poppin Shit v1 - Pop Hip Hop Mix

Bootleg v.24 - Everlasting Love Mix CD

Street Knock Hip Hop Mix

It Just Reach Summer Mix

Ganja Mix April 2012 

Unity Gold 2013 Mix CD

Royal Warriors v2

Royal Warriors v3

Royal Warriors pt4 Mix

Royal Warriors pt4.5 Mix

Love Sample v1 Mix

Sophia Squire Online Mix

Safari Sound Tour Mix (online)

Bobby Hustle Tour Mix (online)

Various Soca & Hip Hop mixes (online)

Dancehall Mood Sept 2013 Mix

Dancehall Mood - Gyal Tun Over - Oct 2013 Mix

Dancehall Mood - Gyall Sittin - 2013 Mix

Rockers Used Mix - November 2013

Unity Sound presents Zagga - Change Mix - Japan Edition


Unity Gold 2104 Mix CD

Dancehall Mood - Everything Nice - April 2014

Dancehall Mood v6 - Personally Mix

Dancehall Mood v7 - Summer (Global Warming Mix)

Dancehall Mood v7 - Summer Bonus Mix

Royal Warriors v5 Mix

Royal Warriors v6 Mix

Bootleg v25 - Righteous Youths Mix CD

Bootleg v26 - Fall in Love Mix CD

Unity Sound presents G Whizz & Formula One Mix


Unity Gold 2015 Mix

Royal Warriors v7

Dancehall Moods v8 - Badness Mix

Dancehall Moods v9 - Xmasness Mix

Bootleg v27 - Roots and Culture Mix CD


Unity Gold 2016 pt1 and pt2 Mix

Soca Moods v1 Mix

Love Sample v2 Mix

Love Sample v3 Mix

Royal Warriors v8 Mix

Dancehall Moods v10 3 Hour Mix

Dancehall Moods v11 - Dancehall with a twist of Pop Mix

Dancehall Moods v12 - Mad Move Mix

Dancehall Moods v13 - We Nah Change Mix


Soca Moods v2 Mix

Love Sample v4 Mix

Royal Warrior v10 - Lion is a Lion Mix

Royal Warrior v11 - Blood Money Mix

Royal Warrior v12 Mix

Royal Warrior v13 - Fiyah Mix

Royal Warriors meets Dancehall Moods Special Mix

Dancehall Moods v14 - Yu Zimmi Mix

Dancehall Moods v15 - Bad and Sexy Mix

Dancehall Moods v16 - Badmind on the Loose Mix

Dancehall Moods v17 - Freestyle Gyal Mix

Dancehall Moods v18 - Badness to Bashment Mix

Dancehall Moods v19 - Gyallis Pop - Mix

Dancehall Moods v20 Mix


Unity Sound presents Jah Izrehl - Spotlight Mix

Unity Sound presents This is Unity Sound v1 - All dub plate Mix

Royal Warrior v14 - No Negativy Mix

Royal Warrior v15

Royal Warriors v16 - Sekkle di Vibes Mix

Dancehall Mood v21 - Rich and Bad Mix

Dancehall Mood v22 - Summer Heat Mix

Dancehall Moods v26 - Touch Di Road Mix

Dancehall Moods v27 - Discuss fi di Xmas Mix

One drop Ting v1

Soca Ting v1 

Soca Ting v2

Dancehall Ting v1

Dancehall Ting v2

Dancehall Ting v3

Family Buss Riddim - Various Artistes


Old Skool Ting v1 - Old School Mix

Dancehall Ting v4

Dancehall Ting v5

Dancehall Ting v6

Dancehall Ting v7

Dancehall Ting v8

Dancehall Ting v9

Dancehall Ting v10

Dancehall Ting v10.5

Dancehall Ting v10.75

Dancehall Ting v11

Dancehall Ting v12

Dancehall Ting v13

Dancehall Ting v14

Dancehall Ting v15

Royal Warriors v18

Vibes v1 - Afrobeat x Soca x Tropical x Latin Mix

One Drop Ting v2 Mix

One Drop Ting v3 Mix

One Drop Ting v4 Mix

Poppin Shit - 30 Minute Mix

Soca Ting v3

Incense and Candles - Valentine Mix

Royal Warriors v17 Mix

Royal Warriors v18 Mix

Freestyle IG Live Mix - Roots and Love - June 2019

Royal Ting - All Female Artistes - May 2019


Soca Ting 2020 Round 1 - 2020

Soca Ting 2020 Round 2 - Power Up - 2020

Vibes v2 - Afrobeat x Soca x Tropical x Latin 2020

Dancehall Ting v16 Mix

Dancehall Ting v17 - Coronavirus Mix

Quaranting v1 - Lovers Rock

Quaranting v2 - Culture

Quaranting v3 - Dancehall

Quaranting v4 - Afrobeat x Tropical

Quaranting v5 - Feel Good Reggae

Quaranting v6  - Lockdown Badness



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