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Original Unity Sound mix CDs since 1997!!  CDs are labeled "fully packaged" or "street packaged".  Fully packaged CDs are "real" CDs that come shrink wrapped professionally like sold in major retail stores.  Street packaged CDs are CD-Rs often with color copied inserts like one finds on the street-sides.


Both styles are satisfaction guaranteed.  

Mix CDs

Unity Sound original mixes are now available in MP3 format.  They come as one single mp3 or a zip file of individual tracks.  Most mixes are 320 bit quality.  


When ordering downloads please wait 24-48hrs to recieve the download link via email.  


Want to book Unity Sound?

If you want Unity Sound to play your event, link us at  We are available seasonally in Europe, the US, & Caribbean and Yearly in Japan and Asia.  

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