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Bootleg v11 CD (Dhall Mix) CD $5.99 / DL $2.99

Bootleg v11 CD (Dhall Mix) CD $5.99 / DL $2.99

100% badman tunes called "City of Bad Men" mix... a bag a Gaza & Gully on this one!!


Fully Packaged CD (free shipping) - $5.99

Single-Tracked MP3 File - $2.99

Multi-Tracked MP3 Zip File - $2.99

*Allow 24-48hrs for email with download link
  • Details

    1)Sleepy Hollow Point - From A Place
    2)Mavado, Dolemite - Sun Down
    3)Jedakiss, Barrington Levy - Life'S Hard
    4)Junior Reid, Lil Wayne - Ghetto Youth Rock
    5)Demarco - Life As A Juvenile
    6)Bramma - Voice Of The Ghetto
    7)Shawn Storm - Be Wise
    8)Vybz Kartel - Bail 4 Me
    9)Black Ryno - Real Stingers
    10)Jah Vinci - Watch Ya Friends
    11)Bounty Killer - They Don't Know
    12)Demarco - Go Easy
    13)Mavado, Flex - Walk With Casket
    14)Vybz Kartel - Nuh Fraid
    15)Aidonia - Tell Dem
    16)Black Ryno - Tell It To Dem

    17)Busy Signal - Peace Treaty Done
    18)Busy Signal - Nah Help Dem
    19)Mavado - Real Killa
    20)Black Ryno - Thug Anthem
    21)Vybz KArtel, Jah Vinci - Wha Dem A Go
    22)Vybz Kartel, Jah Vinci - Middle Of The Day
    23)Bay C From TOK - Beat It Like Drum
    24)Sleepy Hollow Point - Mash Yu Works
    25)Vybz Kartel, Corleon - Calico A Fly
    26)Vybz Kartel - Wha Do Dem
    27)Aidonia - Big Automatic
    28)Aidonia, Vybz Kartel - Laugh & Shot Dem
    29)Vybz Kartel - Haffi Bawl
    30)Dose A Medicine - Dem Diss
    31)popcorn - My War
    32)Jah Cinci, Black Ryno - Fight Fi War

    33)Vybz Kartel - Last Man Standing
    34)Vybz Kartel - Swear To Jah
    35)Jah Vinci, Popcorn - Life Gone
    36)Jah Vinci - Marrow Gone
    37)Jah Vinci - Black Ryno -^ Send u Go Home
    38)Erup - Drop Down
    39)Busy signal - Petty War
    40)Vybz Kartel - Life Sweet RMX
    41)Vybz Kartel - Buss Mi Gun RMX
    42)Jah Cinci - Money
    43)Popcorn - Vision
    44)Black Ryno - Heights Of Man
    45)Vybz Kartel - Mama
    46)Mavado - Again
    47)Mavado - How Dem Move
    48)Mavado - So Blessed
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