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"Shoot to Kill" MV by Rudebwoy Face, Akane, & Rueed

February 26, 2014

Japan's Magnum Records recording artistes Rudebwoy Face, Akane, & Rueed drop a Suku (Ward 21) produced dancehall track called "Shoot to Kill".  They just released the video for it and blessed Unity Sound with an exclusive dubplate of it... check both of them out!!! 



follow the artistes on twitter:

Rudebwoy Face: https://twitter.com/rudebwoyface

Akane: https://twitter.com/SingerAkane

Rueed: https://twitter.com/RUEEDMAN

Magnum Records: https://twitter.com/MagnumRecords

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[New Release] Unity Sound - Bootleg V25 - Righteous Youths Mix CD

April 8, 2014

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April 3, 2014

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